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Our lodges are constructed using the highest quality materials as standard, with a vast range of options and finishes ensuring your lodge is not only individual to you; but also, are super insulated to keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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What is a Granny Annexe?

A Granny Annexe is simply a secondary self-contained building away from the main house, in the garden, normally built for an elderly relative to live in, hence the name.

Nowadays, the usage of a Granny Annexe has extended to true muti generational living  children, parents, Grandparents and extended family, aunts and uncles  for parents, to live in reach of the main house, to be cared for in your own way…perfect.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Well, the answer is both yes and no!

You do need permission from your Local Planning Authority [LPA] to build a lodge / annexe in your garden, which can be either:

As permission for your lodge / annexe can be obtained purely under the Caravan Act, you can say, No You do not need Planning Permission to build your annexe; but also, Yes you do need permission from your LPA to build your annexe.

Planning Permission

This arguably is the best form of permission to have for your lodge / annexe. However, each Local Planning Authority (LPA) will have their own locally adopted policies on whether they will allow an annexe to be build in the garden, and this can vary dramatically from one LPA to another. So what one LPA will be more than happy to approve, another may not.

Certificate of Lawful Development

This form of permission is issued under the Caravan Act 1968 and can prove to be a far more efficient way of obtaining permission for your lodge / annexe.  Under the act we apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development for a “temporary structure adapted for human habitation”, which must be sited in the garden of your property.

We use our retained expert Town & Country Planning Consultant to make your application to ensure that we have the greatest success rate possible in gaining permission for your Willows Lodge / Annexe build.

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